Granny Flats Are A Wonderful Way To Supply Comfortable, Custom Designed, Dignified, Independent Living Accommodation To Your Elderly Parents, While Being Available To Assist With Things Like Shopping, Lawns, Etc In A Secure Family Environment.

What are the Minimum Requirements for a Granny Flat on my Property as a Complying Development? Newcastle’s future looks very bright indeed  as it’s economy and population continues to grow. Building a Granny Flat to accommodate your adult children is a wonderful way to support your children into their own independent accommodation while they complete their university studies or apprenticeship, at the same time as leaving you with a quality income producing asset for your retirement. All work is covered by I Construction Groups Builders Warranty Insurance for 7 years Subject to complying development and contracts. Whilst we offer standard designs, our granny flats are fully-customised to match your main residence for maximum return on investment. I have been impressed with the service and the amount of information provided. Studies have shown that Granny Flats can return up to 30% return on investment when completed as a rental. Newcastle has historically enjoyed continued long-term prosperity due to it’s mining and steelworks background.

Basic Answers On Sensible Newcastle Granny Flat Building Plans

Well done to all at Bahrami Prefabricated Homes. Built with an extra-large veranda area designed to take in the views or the surrounding mountains. Parents often build a Granny Flat and rent it to their children for the cost of the loan repayments, as they find it is the best way to substantially subsidies their children's living cost, manage their own taxable income, and build an income producing asset for Granny flat builder retirement. Granny Flats are a wonderful way to supply comfortable, custom designed, dignified, independent living accommodation to your elderly parents, while being available to assist with things like shopping, lawns, etc in a secure family environment. What Does I Construction Group Do? Their easy design, approval and construction process was very transparent and visiting their showroom allowed us to visualise our home. Our Design and Development Procedure Our dedicated approach to customer service is second to none as Bahrami Granny Flats will take care of your entire project in a professional manner. There must only one granny flat on the property and the land must not be subdivided.