First-time Home Buyers Who Purchased A Home In 2009 Can Claim The Credit On Either a 2008 Tax Return Or a 2009 Tax Return.

That's.hat you've been hearing from friends and family, right? First-time home buyers who purchased a home in 2009 can claim the credit on either a 2008 tax return or a 2009 tax return. You purchased your home in 2009 or 2010 Generally, you must repay the entire credit for the year you sell the home or it is no longer your main home. Click here to see NJHMFA's current First-Time Homebuyer interest rate . When you buy a place, your mortgage payment is only the beginning of an array of costs. There are different ways to estimate a price range that's appropriate for you. How much is your current rent payment? Subject to change without further notice.  If you’re considering buying a home, our pre qualification letter gives you a general estimate of the loan amount you may qualify for based only on preliminary information you provide without us obtaining a credit report. Use these tools as a guide, but then adjust the amount based on your individual situation.

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You’ll need to pay for utilities, maintenance, and repairs — on top of your mortgage payments, property taxes, and home-owners insurance. We provide you with the advice, tools, tips, and resources so you can determine if owning a home is better than renting and whether home-ownership is right for you. Check if the property you want to purchase is located in a targeted area by clicking on the link below. New Home builders See news release 2010-80  for details. You may also use a pre qualification calculator to give you an idea of where you stand financially before contacting one of our Preferred Loan Officers. Do you like the location? Ask to see them again. Real estate often increases in value over time, but not always. HUD Home Loan Program -FAA loan for HUD owned homes or FHA foreclosures. It can also help you identify and address possible qualification needs early in the home buying process.